Off The Rails: You know the trains that you push up and down to move. That's exactly what you do here, except it's not work it's fun. flip, bounce, and go backwards in a desert full of surprises. This is a must play game!

UFO Joe: Simple, just get Joe and his UFO to the other landing pad(s), while avoiding corners, cows, sheep, aliens, and much much more.

Roller coaster: Accelerate and brake your roller coaster through theme park madness. Score points by making your riders, happy.

Traps, Mines, and a Sheep: Bounce, bounce, bounce! That's what this whacked out sheep does. You try to get little go sheep as far as he can while avoiding traps and jumping on mines (for boost). The game is addicting when you keep wanting to beat your score!

Dune Buggy: Whether your a big, small, normal, or wheel of a dune buggy, (you'll know what I mean by this sentence if you play this game) you're sure to have a heck of a time playing. In dune buggy, your mission is to not get flipped over (unless you want to burn up) and reach the finish line. This game may sound boring, but it isn't, it's great! 

Soap Bubble 2: (Note: Soap Bubble 1 is not listed, because it sucks, this one is 10 times better) You are a little bubble, controlled by your arrow keys. You discover some rocket factory and are trapped. Going the only way possible, you must free soap bubble from this dreaded factory without popping. It's so fun to play in a factory with sharp edges! LOL!

Sky Wire 2: Your a tram (or something) and are on this rail (or in this case a sky wire) that goes through many dangerous things. Get through it or die!

Sportbike Sprint: Choose a motorcycle and race against computers in many places. Great game with incredible graphics.

Milkshake: Everybody needs milk, whether it's in the city or in the country. In this certain area, (name unknown) you must deliver milk cases from the dairy to the store and get back before the dairy closes. Can you help many people who are milk-less, play Milkshake to be a hero. Just be sure not to break your bottles.

Criss Crossed Rally: Choose between the "Bad Apple" or the "Jamaican Cinnamon" (Kellogg's Apple Jack Cereal Characters) in a jet ski race to the finish. Use the arrows to go/steer and space to boost. Remember to pick up Apple Jacks for bonus points. This is the kind of game that makes you want to buy so much of the product. You got to admit it's good advertisement and is a good game to play if your hungry. Play Criss Crossed Rally featuring, "Apple" and "Cinnamon". Have Fun!

Criss Crossed Rally

Alpine Skiing: Get ready, for the most whacked out ski game ever. In this game, your goal is to get to the bottom of the mountain, while collecting stars, and avoiding houses, cable cars, and bullets shot by the army. Keep your reflexes tuned, or else SPLAT!


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