Defend Your Castle!

March 11, 2009
Defending a castle may be easier than it seems in the classic game,

Defend Your Castle.

Go to Shooting-War games to play.

Sorry for inconvenience

March 6, 2009

21centurygames had a few problems the past month.
You may have noticed we have not updated for a while.
We are very sorry, but we had trouble opening the tools necessary to update the site, but now it's fix.

Again we are sorry for any boredom,
but we will be updating a lot more now.


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Shopping Cart Hero

March 6, 2009
Do you have what it takes to become a hero,
find out, play Shopping Cart Hero.

Now a new game in the game category: Other Games

Groceries away!
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Snow Line 1 & 2

January 12, 2009
The exciting new series Snow Line is now on 21centurygames.

Help Santa and his elf find all the lost presents on the mountain, while avoiding numerous obstacles, and cross the finish line.

To play the game(s), or see the full review of Snow Line, go to Strategy Games.

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December 13, 2008
A new Strategy Game is out called Bloxorz.

An addicting game for many users and is well worth checking out.

Go to our review in Strategy Games to find out more.


Have Fun!
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Alpine Skiing

November 23, 2008
Alpine Skiing, is now a new game located in the Racing-Obstacle game category.

Skiing may sound boring, but not in this game.

Go to our main review under the game link to find out more!
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Nuclear Bike

November 7, 2008
Nuclear Bike (great game) now in Biking Games!
Very addictive and is already played by many!
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McCain vs Obama

October 23, 2008
Look for our newest political game, McCain vs Obama!

Great game!!!
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Commando 1&2

October 21, 2008
Look for commando 1 & 2, these games will blow you away (shooting-war games).

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October 19, 2008
Welcome to 21centurygames & our blog page!

At 21centurygames, we hook you up with awesome games from other websites. We're adding new games all the time, so look out.

Anyway, this new blog we constructed lets you communicate with other fellow gamers. Talk about whatever you want, just keep it appropriate.

Have fun talking the talk and gaming like crazy!

PS: For faster chatting go to our 21centurygames chat-room!
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